Project Description


The new AAA Garden City Branch is a 3,000 SF prototype for future branches. This project included five travel agents, two insurance agents, two managers, four counselors, a large retail area, & DMV services. Our design called for an elaborate custom fitted ceiling, interactive displays for advertising, & exciting finishes used to serve and highlight AAA’s theme. All selections for this facility met the new AAA approach for the future of transportation.

The AAA Whitestone Branch is the first follow-up to the prototype branch. This 2,500 SF branch includes 3 travel agents, 2 insurance agents, 4 counselors, large conference room, and retail area for product placement. This project aimed to reduce the length of time for design in construction by 50%. Numerous elements from the prototype have carried over to this design, including its finishes & applying a unique ceiling to the space. We believe our continued involvement in designing AAA facilities have made the process efficient and accommodating for our clients.

The Phillipsburg Branch (7,500 SF) and serves as the Mid-Atlantic corporate center. It is a full-service branch and includes a travel agency, car insurance, towing, and member services. The curves in this design are inspired by the shapes found in the three primary modes of transportation car, airplane and boat. The space was designed with an additional retail space for future expansion.


Garden City, NY
Phillipsburg, NJ
Whitestone, NY